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Number recruited: Several

Job responsibilities:

1. Assist the decoration designer to collect the concept schemes, and carry out the detailed works such as the supplementation, improvement, optimization, deepening, and re-creation of the scheme design under the guidance of the designer;

2. Cooperate closely with project management and control personnel, participate in the professional discussion meeting of the project, and implement and follow up the work related to the decoration; adjust the design according to the project implementation, and provide design change service;

3. Coordinate, follow up and deal with the design problems in the process of project design;

4. Complete the decoration design or interior design;

5. Do the works carefully and responsibly, with strong aggressiveness and studiousness;

6. Assisted the chief designer to complete the decoration project.


1. Engage in decoration industry for 1 year or more, and those with experience in the prototype room, sales office, hotel and club projects are preferred;

2. Have a strong interest in decoration;

3. Have excellent color matching ability and keen design insight;

4. Proficient in interior design software and advertising design software;

5. Have good communication skills, and cheerful and healthy personality;

6. Graduates from prestigious art schools such as China Academy of Fine Arts and Jiangnan University are preferred.

Please send your personal decoration schemes, site photos, or hand-painted works as attachments to the email of the Company: hr@wsdeco.com.cn