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W. DESIGN Co., Ltd is a well-known interior design corporation that belongs to W + S DECO GROUP. Founded by top interior designers (also directors of W. DESIGN) in the world, W. DESIGN possesses an international team that consists of many professional and skilled designers.

W. DESIGN has designer team and management team, whose resource and technology qualify it to undertake the operation of complete projects, including market orientation, overall planning, design of construction map in the whole stage of construction, management on the spot, and the coordination in the check and acceptance stage among the different departments. In addition, it has maintained good partnership with other architectural design and engineering firms and professional consulting companies.

W. DESIGN is not only famous for interior design in high-end real estate and hotel, but also well received in overall design of interior furnishings with its high-end and unique customer target, which creates wonderful effect and brings enormous profit to enterprises and owners. Hailed as the “guarantee of well-sold real estate,” W. DESIGN wins many awards and enjoys high reputation.