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Ben Wu
Top 10 designer in China 、cross-boundary artist
Founder of WS DESIGN and W DESIGN
Creator and leader of Modern Orient design language
First Chinese member of Nelly Rodi International Trend Fashion Committee2017 – 2018: Principal planner of Maison Shanghai in Shanghai Design Week
2015 – 2018: Prize of Top Ten Annual Characters of Chinese Interior Design for three times
2018: Review expert for Chinese Furniture Design Gold Idea Award
2017: Gold Award of USA Best of Year Awards (Best Design Award in 2017)
2013 – 2017: Elected by ANDREW MARTIN, an authoritative award in the world, for many times
2013 – 2017: Rated as one of the 100 most powerful designers and elected in AD Top 100 for three consecutive times
2016: Elected as the formal member in the tenth session of Hall of Fame by an American magazine INTERIOR DESIGN in Chinese version
2015: First Chinese designer as the cover person of an English magazine named Christie
2015: Guest speaker invited by London Institute of Architectural Design
2013: Guest speaker invited by Holland Amsterdam IFI World Interior Design Conference
2011: Won Hurun Knight Design Medal
2010: Invited by Frankfurt Design Week
2009: Made speech at Canada Toronto Design Week
2007: Annual cover person of Chinese Interior Design rated by Interior Design