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Number recruited: 1

Job responsibilities:

1. As a business executive of a highly internationalized design company, serve the high-end real estate and business customers with the existing high-quality platform of the Company, and provide the decoration design services for its prototype room, sales office, hotel, catering and other projects;

2. According to the Company’s customer maintenance and development strategy, integrate existing resources to the maximum extent, and tap the potential for establishing deep and long-term cooperative relations between the Company and customers;

3. Take responsibility for project contact, visit and reception, and company recommendation;

4. On the basis of accurately grasping the customer’s cooperation intention, deeply analyze the customer’s demand, help the customer determine the solution, and introduce the appropriate products or services to the customer;

5. Take responsibility for contract negotiation, contract signing and specific implementation of contract contents;

6. Pay attention to payment collection.


1. College degree or above, major in marketing, business management or related disciplines;

2. At least 3 years of sales experience, and have a certain understanding of interior and decoration design industry;

3. Have the resources of real estate developers, and have certain sales experience for the prototype room, sales office, hotel, and club;

4. Have strong planning management ability, execution ability, interpersonal communication ability, and customer service ability;

5. Be a team player.

Email of Human Resource Department: hr@wsdeco.com.cn