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Number recruited: 1

Job responsibilities:

1. Systematically integrate customer resources, dredge sales channels, and take responsibility for the promotion and sales of company products in Hangzhou market

2. Establish and maintain good customer relations, stabilize old customers, and explore new customers

3. Master customer dynamics and make timely report


1. Have college degree or above, and more than 2 years of working experience in high-end furniture or decoration design and sales

2. Be careful, and good at communication with customers, have strong language expression ability and public relations ability, strong learning ability and service awareness, and able to bear hardships and stand hard work

3. Have certain experience in project marketing and negotiation, and can communicate with customers well

4. Have certain ability and experience of developing sales channels in high-end furniture industry

5. Have relevant resources of luxury goods and real estate

6. Have the ability to independently complete the design, selection, layout and on-site guidance of space accessories.

7. Get familiar with the characteristics and technologies of decoration materials such as furniture, lamps, curtains, ornaments and handicrafts.

8. Have good image and temperament, good language expression and communication skills, strong fashion sense, and unique design vision.

9. Be willing to travel for business.

Email of Human Resource Department: hr@wsdeco.com.cn