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Job responsibilities:

1. Design and develop lamps according to the Company’s product planning and market demand;

2. Complete product implementation from the three-dimensional representation of preliminary design to the deepening of lamp drawing, and to interaction with the suppliers.


1. Have bachelor degree or above, major in industrial design, product design, etc., and the graduates from prestigious art schools like China Academy of art and Jiangnan University are preferred;

2. Be proficient in lamp structure and production process, and have a certain understanding of the features of various technologies and materials;

3. Get familiar with and skillfully use the design software such as CAD, 3D MAX, and Rhinoceros, and have more than 3 years of working experience in the appearance and structure design of decorative lamps;

4. Have good aesthetic and design skills, strong learning ability, good communication skills and excellent team spirit; work in a proactive, careful and meticulous manner, and be able to work under pressure.

Email of Human Resource Department: hr@wsdeco.com.cn