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Fortune China - A Feast of Thought – Modern Orient (Part I)

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When taking about the Orient, the people’s first impression tends to be ancient, mysterious, and backward...It seems difficult to equate it with modern. But when we look at the world, we are surprised that this is not the case! Oriental culture has not only exerted a great influence on the process of formation of the western world, but also led to so many fashion trends; today, with the outbreak of Internet information and big bang of knowledge, the eastern and western cultures are integrated unprecedentedly; the eastern culture represented by China will bring unique wisdom and beauty to the world, and will be shown with brand-new fashionable posture in front of the world.

At the special year-end event “Outreach – Fortune China – Feast of Thought” – Modern Orient (Party I) held by China Business Network, the host Ye Rong invited Ben Wu who is the founder of WS Group, Huang Jingsheng who is the director and general manager of Harvard Shanghai Center, Huang Nubo who is the chairman of Beijing ZhongKun Investment Group, Chen Yunwei who is the founder and CEO of Great China Finance Leasing (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., Ji Cheng who is the founder of JICHENG Brand, and other leaders in business and design circles to show their opinions on the Modern Orient at WS Art Gallery, W+S CAFÉ as the show site.


At 21:20 on Saturday (January 17) China Business Network

At 21:30 on Sunday (January 18) Ningxia TV 

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