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W.DESIGN, Gensler, and Woods Bagot were jointly invited to launch the "Master Assistant Selection"

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On August 4, 2017, the 11th session of “Master Assistant Selection” Competition for Working with Design Elites was officially launched in Shanghai. Starting in 2007, “Master Assistant Selection” is an annual important design competition jointly planned and hosted by Chinese website of USA “Interior Design” and the Chinese edition magazine of USA “Interior Design”, and aims to pay attention to the growth of young designers, establish the communication platform between design masters and emerging designers, select outstanding assistants for the masters, and enable young designers to stand at a higher starting point and start a brand new design journey.


Mr. Ben Wu serving as the designer master for this session, who is a top interior designer and the chief design supervisor of W.DESIGN, Ms. Huang Xinyan serving as the global managing partner of Woods Bogot which is a famous architectural firm, and Mr. Chuck Albright serving as the vice president and design director of Gensler, were invited to attend the launching ceremony and share the design at the site.