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Number recruited: Several

Job responsibilities:

1. Over 22 years old, have college degree or above (fresh graduates can also apply), major in decoration, art design, visual communication, home display, and exhibition design

2. Have taste in home life, like sales work of design, and have strong fashion sensitivity

3. Have good image and temperament, good affinity and strong sense of service

4. Have more than 1 year of working experience in retail of high-end goods or luxury goods, those who have ever been employed as a designer in decoration, furnishing and soft decoration industry are preferred


1. Collect customer information and establish a network through various channels to promote sales performance

2. Understand the types, personalities and requirements of various customers in detail, and provide home-customization services in accordance with their characteristics.

3. Ensure customer satisfaction through own professional quality

4. Cooperate with other departments, assist customers to select and purchase various items, and introduce the exhibits in the store, so as to promote the realization of decoration design scheme

5. When serving existing customers, expand the customer group with the other potential customers recommended by the existing customers.

6. Effectively and reasonably maintain the design customer channel, and constantly expand such channel

7. Establish brand image and maintain the neat display at the store

Email of Human Resource Department: hr@wsdeco.com.cn