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Hangzhou Sun Hung Kai Yuefu 

Designer: Hong Kong W. Architectural Design Co., Limited
Project Address: E-07 Lot, Hangzhou CBD

Design Coverage: Interior design for west sample room of penthouse villa in No.1 building, soft decoration design
Design Description: The designers usher people in this pure world full of simplicity and individuality through the use of sense of space. They then tell people the space’s unique charm through the sense of light and shadow made from the difference among raw material, color and texture.
The white sofa with strong lining and soft material, the sandy beige carpet, the delicate crystal chandelier and comfortable purple bay window have manifested the villa’s elegance. Under the standardized keynote, lotus pink cushion, purple sofa, sandy beige chair have been added to further beautify the whole space, without destroying the integrity of atmosphere. What’s more, the stripe picture frame and creative chair have spiced the room with modern fashion.