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Gemdale Value Bay 

Interior Designer: Hong Kong W. Architectural Design

Soft Decoration Designer & Provider: W+S DECO

Address: NO. 518Lane,Shangbo Road, Pudong District, Shanghai

Design Coverage: Overall Interior Design & Soft Decoration Setting

Design Explanation: The series of “Return to Monaco” imitates the life style of riches in south of France and some French elements are used in the design. As the apartment is limited in space, the designer tried to visually amplify the room with all kinds of ideas, from removing the vertical angleline to adding mirror surface near the window. Such a design allows people, when walking in, to feel living in a luxurious property. The glasses are used in the bathroom and dressing room in a creative way, making it visually transparent. The designer put inside a crystal dressing room, making the room shining at all times.