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MIXC Mall Clubhouse 

Interior Designer: Hong Kong W. Architectural Design

Soft Decoration Designer & Provider: W+S DECO

Address: 2ndUnit, 2nd Sky Villa, Qianjiang New Town, Hangzhou
Design Coverage: Overall Interior Design & Soft Decoration Setting
Design Description: The project is a perfect blend of oriental element and modern minimalism. With the bi-level design employed in the living room, ensuring a more reasonable use of overall space and a much broader view, the design not only meets the living standard of dwellers in the concrete city jungle, but also achieves owner’s requirement of “exquisite modern oriental residence”. Irregular display of wood with luminous crystals on the wall and cobbles grants the home with a classical and modern touch. The rug with tree branch finish, club-pattern table and background wall with celestial scene is another demonstration of human-nature harmony and reflection of oriental spirits.