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Furnishing Asia Tends Book press conference

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In discussing latest trend and fashion, Furnishing Asia Tends Book press conference was successfully convened in Hangzhou Continental Hotel.

Organized by US InDesign media group and Guangzhou Design Week, Furnishing Asia Trends Book press conference unveiled itself on September 18th 2013. Trend committee members including Dai Kun, AJ Schep, Zhen Shufen, Ben Goh, Ben Wu and Yuan Xin went onto the stage and shared their understanding of design trend and fashion with the audience, stirring up a new wave of media discussion of furnishing trend.

Amassing a galaxy of opinions, Share the latest in furnishing art.

As one of the event organizers, Zhang Hongyi, executive director of Guangzhou Design Week, debut the stage and briefly introduced the background for the audience. He said,”2013 marks the 8th year anniversary of Guangzhou Design Week. This year we worked together with InDesign Group to create Furnishing Asia, followed by FA Trends Book, FA Elite and FA Views.

Mr. Ben Wu, founder of W+S Deco and China Art Deco trendsetter said, trend is sophisticated; because change in furnishing can vary greatly depending on different season and mood and design further expands the boundaries and possibilities of the change. As for design in China, how to embed modern concept into design while maintaining the element of China remains a hot topic for discussion in the industry.

As FA Trends Book came to the end, more than 100 participants were invited to a wine party put together by W+S Deco Hangzhou. During the party, elites of all stripes gathered together and exchanged ideas. The event helped to deepen W+S Deco brand awareness among industry peers.