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The 19th Furniture China,2013

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For years, W+S Deco has been dedicated to developing dream home under the belief of pursuing better life, aesthetics and dream-living. The design style and language W+S Deco employs not only fit with the popular aesthetics, but also blend in the concept of oriental philosophy and elements of beauty. The design this time is inspired by the Royal Garden, an Andrew Martin award winning project that uncovers the myth surrounding oriental design, tells people how to build a warm dwelling through stripping away all the symbol and style. A simple and transparent glass box along with the main theme of art gallery is a fine demonstration of oriental element and modern minimalism. The design brings out the new oriental philosophy, blends modern lifestyle with ink wash painting. This is not only an interpretation and heritage of oriental culture and history but also allowing the home to grow along with its owner through furnishing and product design.

The design of exhibition hall seeks the tranquility and elegance behind this flamboyant world, a gesture of returning back to nature and releasing oneself. Every piece of exhibits is the classical works carved by W+S Deco designers. These products regardless of its style and value have become the very reason why first-tier real estate developer, luxurious hotel group and mansion client choose to work with W+S Deco.

The W+S Deco exhibition hall is divided to new concept and home furniture, starting from show window to art gallery to dining room, living room and bedroom, each section can feast audiences’ appetite for oriental art beauty.