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The 100 most influential designer and architect selected by AD China in 2013

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AD100 list, first released by Architectural Digest U.S. edition in 1990, recognizes 100 most influential designers in the architect and interior design industry based on their imagination, wisdom and inspiration. This year welcomes the arrival of AD 100 China, a summary of top 100 design elite in the country for the first time!

On May 31st, 2013, upon the two year anniversary of AD China and first launch of AD 100 list, Zhu Ji Ge, a famous Chinese opera pavilion located in Zhujiajiao, witnessed the release of the list. All the 100 architecture and interior designers nominated and recognized in AD 100 were there, receiving their honor. More than 300 guests including social celebrity and stars also attended the gala, a grand opening for an imaginative and thought-provoking designer party.