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Ningbo Fortune Center - Lobby 

Designer: Hong Kong W. Architectural Design Co., Limited

Project Address: North side of Jingjia Bridge, Jiangdong District, Ningbo city

Design Coverage: Hard Decoration Design

Design Description: This entire building will become a new landmark of the city of Ningbo. It fully conveys Ningbo’s opening, romanticism and aesthetic humanistic feelings. The beautiful lines draw the outline of the interior and exterior spaces. The main theme of lobby design is aimed to talk with the building through a picture. The graphic language of space coordinates the function of the building, mobility, dimension, aesthetics, order, permeability and overlapping. The combination of equilateral geometric figure brings a new order to the arc-shaped space of unstable continuity, a new order in which all the contents of space unfold. The space, finally, will display a lobby of high-standard.